Classical Ballet in the Russian Tradition


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  1. Pre Ballet (3-4)
    This course introduces the fundamental concepts of ballet and movement. Students begin to learn creative movements and basic development necessary to begin studying ballet and its positions. Classes: Monday 4:00pm Saturday 9:00am
  2. Ballet I & II (4-6)
    Students learn the classical positions, specifically the positioning of the body coordinated with the rhythm of music, both at the ballet barre and in the center. Students learn the difference between slow and fast; sharp and sustained movements. Classes for Ballet I (4-5): Tuesday 4:00pm Saturday 9:45am Classes for Ballet II (5-6): Wednesday 4:00pm Saturday 10:30am
  3. Ballet III (7-9)
    In this level students practice a full ballet barre with a concentration on the proper execution of the fundamental exercises. Students learn step combinations, both traveling and in place, while expanding their ballet vocabulary. Students may begin pointe work, with the teacher's approval. Classes: Wednesday 5:00pm Friday 5:00pm Saturday 11:30am
  4. Ballet IV (9-12)
    The ballet barre and step combinations become faster and more complicated while students learn to combine technique and artistry. Students master a variety of movements in a non-competitive but challenging environment. At this level students perform as members of the corps de ballet, and may be invited to begin more focused work in duets and even solos. Classes: Monday 4:45pm Tuesday 4:45pm Thursday 4:45pm Saturday 1:30pm
  5. Ballet V (12 and up)
    This is a pre-professional level for the most advanced students, particularly those who are focused on performance. Students train to perfect an advanced level of technique, while learning all aspects of dance training, including artistry and musicality. Students will work to have solo repertoire and learn classical choreography from many ballets. Classes: Monday 6:30pm Tuesday 6:30pm Wednesday 6:45pm Thursday 6:30pm Saturday 1:30pm
  6. Stretch &Condition
    In this half-hour class, students will be introduced to intensive stretching, conditioning, core strengthening, and technique. This is an ideal class for advanced students, students on pointe, and students at a pre-pointe level. Open to students ages 7 and up. Class: Saturday 1:00pm